Swiftcover Departments

Swiftcover DepartmentsSwiftcover was founded in 2005 on the premise of offering easily accessible and low-cost insurance. These days Swiftcover provides a full range of insurance policies including car, home, and travel insurance. Here you can find out how to contact the right Swiftcover department depending on the type of policy you are interested in. This can be done by calling the Swiftcover customer services number.

How to contact the car insurance Department

Swiftcover car insurance provides free collection of your vehicle in the case of an accident. Provided that you have your car fixed with one of their recommended auto repair providers they will cover you with a five-year guarantee. Swiftcover also makes it easy to track and make claims and your policy. To contact the Swiftcover car insurance department you need to call their telephone helpline. There is also a separate telephone line to call if you have a damaged windscreen. If you want to have your windscreen repair by a company outside of the Swiftcover network, then you will need to provide invoice details.

How to contact the home insurance department

Swiftcover provides insurance policies for your building and contents. With Swiftcover home insurance you can choose to either have a £500,000 or 1 million rebuild cover. Swiftcover home insurance covers all of the main risks to your property including fire, theft, storm and water damage. For policy questions which concern contents, personal possessions for building claims you should call the home insurance department helpline.

How to contact the travel insurance department

Swiftcover no longer offers travel insurance to new customers. However they do have travel insurance packages through Axa travel insurance. This includes insurance of up to 2 million dollars in medical cover and £5000 of cancellation coverage. Swiftcover travel insurance also provides coverage for delays in travel caused by events such as volcanic ash and strikes. Unlike many other travel insurance policies, Swiftcover provides coverage for many sports and activities as standard. There is also a 24 hour, seven day a week emergency hotline available.