Swiftcover Car Insurance – 0843 487 1815

Swiftcover Car InsuranceSwiftcover car insurance offers fast resolutions of insurance claims. Below you can learn more about the type of policies offered by the Swiftcover phone number and what they cover.

Swift cover comprehensive insurance

Swiftcover comprehensive insurance covers damage to both other peoples vehicles and your own. Swiftcover comprehensive insurance also covers damage to your windscreen, car stereo and other people’s property. In addition your vehicle is covered if it is stolen and damaged. 98.5% of people who took out Swiftcover car insurance in 2012 selected comprehensive insurance.

How to make a car insurance claim

In order to make a car insurance claim you will need your policy number. If you are the victim of crime then you also need the crime reference number. This can be obtained by reporting the crime to the police. Once you have the required numbers you can contact the Swift Insurance customer helpline. A Swift Insurance agent will then be able to guide you through the process of making your claim.

If you have comprehensive car insurance you can make a claim for windscreen glass repairs. If you use a supplier other than those provided through the Swiftcover network the maximum coverage is £100 towards glass replacement and £50 for glass repair. You will need to provide an invoice in order to claim under your policy.

Swiftcover recommends that if you want your claims to be processed in the fastest possible time that consider having a car camera recorder installed in your vehicle. Video evidence is the best way of ensuring that you get back your excess and that you’re able to keep your no claims discount.

Guarantees with Swiftcover car insurance

If you use a member of Swiftcover’s nationwide network to repair your vehicle then you will be covered by the Swift Workmanship guarantee. This is a five-year workmanship guarantee for any repairs done by one of their recommended accident repair specialists. If you use an approved repairer you’re also be provided with free collection and delivery upon making your car insurance claim.